Readers with interests in the Shan peoples of northern Thailand, Burma, and southern China will find a new website on the Mangrais of Kengtung rewards a visit. Its owners describe it as:

a space for all those connected with the Kengtung Mangrais to put forward suggestions for the Chiangmai winter reunion in 2008 and also post their pictures, comments and blog contributions of a non-political nature and which are related to aspects of personal and family life & culture – past and present and most importantly provide an avenue for all Mangrai family members and friends to keep in touch and get to know a little more about each other while we remain scattered in this global diaspora.

The site is updated regularly. For a start, readers looking for an introduction to this princely family of Kengtung will find much useful information in this short biography of Sao S─Бimöng Mangr─Бi. Sudents of Shan history and culture will find much else of interest in this evolving website.