Here is a quick mapping of the initial count of the constituency results, before any disqualifications and reruns.

One dot is one MP. Where a province is split into several constituencies, the internal khet boundaries are not shown but the dots are inside them.

As in 2005 and 2006, TTT/PPP remains solid in the upper north, and the upper and lower-central part of the northeast.
The Democrats made significant gains in Bangkok, the eastern seaboard, the lower north, and the Ubon area. These are all areas where they have had some footing in the past. The one real surprise is Chonburi where the Democrats completely displaced the Khunploem faction.

Chat Thai continues to have a strong base in Suphan and its surrounding provinces. The fiefdoms of Suwat and Snoh have really shrunk. All the new parties (Matchima, Ruamjai, Phua Phaendin) managed to collect only a few opportunistic defectors.

In the ‘loyalist areas’ (south and city for DP, upper north and core northeast for PPP, Suphan-and-around for Chat Thai), there was clearly voting by team: all two/three candidates of the winning party got very similar numbers of votes.

In the south and lower north, voting seems to have been more personal. In over half of the constituencies here, the MPs returned come from two or three different parties.