Back in the early days of New Mandala I made a post about the “Indochina Intersection” on the highway outside Pitsanulok. In response to a recent effort to revive interest in that post, John Roberts from the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation has sent through some wonderful pictures of the ASEAN road distance figures given at the “Five Chiangs Intersection” in Lampang.

The details on the huge milestone are:

First face

Chiang Mai 92

Chiang Rai 225

Chiang Tung 458

Chiang Tong (Luang Prabang) 554

Chiang Rung (Sipsongpanna) 684

Second face

Indochina Intersection 252

Bangkok 597

Yangon 706

Narathiwat 1748

Singapore 2548

Third face

Km. 597

Five Chiangs Intersection

The gateway to Lanna

Thanks to John for sending through these great pictures. If New Mandala readers come across similar road signs anywhere else in the region please feel encouraged to send me the pictures.