A parade

For those New Mandala readers who have expressed an interest in the murals at the Dai-Jingpo cultural park in Jie Gao, just outside Ruili, Yunnan, I have now posted more examples of the artwork. Viewed in the context of the previous post, these examples may give readers a fuller basis for commenting on these interesting murals. Unfortunately, none of these new pictures were accompanied by any explanatory Dai or Chinese text.

In this post I also include a close-up of the meeting between Mao and the Chairman of the Dehong Autonomous Prefecture (Image 3) and a photograph (Image 4) supplied by New Mandala reader, Roger P. It shows Zhou Enlai in Sipsongpanna, another Dai Autonomous Prefecture in western Yunnan.

Image 1

Another mural from Jie Gao

Image 2


Image 3

Close-up of Mao

The full mural is available here.

Image 4

Zhou Enlai in Sipsongpanna

Thanks to New Mandala reader Roger P. for providing this final image of Zhou Enlai during a visit to Sipsongpanna in the 1950s.