A couple of weeks ago we published a piece by Robert Amsterdam on the “strategy of tension” that appears to be playing out in Thailand. Amsterdam has another piece on this issue on his blog. Here is an extract:

The government has ignored our repeated requests to review the evidence upon which the terrorism cases are built – and conduct our own examination as required by international law. In addition, the “evidence” that has been given to the public about the premeditated nature of these acts of terrorism and their connection with the UDD leaders remains laughably weak – thus far, all the government has been able to offer are two speeches given back in January by UDD leaders Nattawut Saikua and Arisman Pongruangrong, in which the speakers warned of retaliation in the event of a military coup (in Nattawut’s case) or use of force against the Red Shirts (in Arisman’s case). With regard to Dr. Thaksin, prominent government officials accused the former Prime Minister of providing financial support for the attacks, alleging that at least a few were committed at his behest for the purpose of sabotaging any agreement on the so-called “roadmap for reconciliation,” but have failed to support these inflammatory statements with any actual facts.