Lap Luang Phrang phak 3 : the last war, kongthap tang si suk sailuat Cho.Po.Ro (2010) by Watsana Nanuam (ISBN: 9789743072734) who is a well-known journalist specialising in military affairs. This is the third book in her р╕ер╕▒р╕Ъ р╕ер╕зр╕З р╕Юр╕гр╕▓р╕З (Secrets, Trickery, and Camouflage) series. It is a substantial book (+300 pp.) on military-political affairs. The book is mainly about the activities of the military, especially in relation to General Prem (often described as head of the Ammat system) and those who have gone over to ex-PM Thaksin’s side in recent times. This is the Table of Contents for interested readers.

The first two books in this series are: р╕ар╕▓р╕Д1. р╕Ыр╕Ор╕┤р╕зр╕▒р╕Хр╕┤р╕Ыр╕гр╕▓р╕кр╕▓р╕Чр╕Чр╕гр╕▓р╕в and р╕ар╕▓р╕Д 2. р╕Лр╣Ир╕нр╕Щр╕гр╕╣р╕Ыр╕Ыр╕Пр╕┤р╕зр╕▒р╕Хр╕┤ ‘р╕лр╕▒р╕Бр╣Ар╕лр╕ер╕╡р╣Ир╕вр╕б’ р╣Вр╕лр╕Ф, both published by Matichon. Note that there are also two unnumbered Secrets, Trickery, and Camouflage books published by Post Books: р╕ар╕▓р╕Др╕Юр╕┤р╕кр╕Фр╕▓р╕г and р╕Йр╕Ър╕▒р╕Ър╕бр╕лр╕▓р╕Бр╕▓р╕Юр╕вр╣М : р╕бр╕Щр╕Хр╣Мр╕Фр╕│-р╣Ар╕лр╕ер╕╖р╕нр╕З-р╣Бр╕Фр╕З. The first was reviewed by Craig Reynolds here on New Mandala.

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