I must say that Najib is a master of state craft.

By constantly playing up the issue of race based affirmative action – he promises to address it – he has managed to sideline the real issues that is plaguing the nation – namely that of civil and political rights.

On the weekend, speaking at the Chinese Economic Congress organised by the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA – the most senior component party in the ruling coalition), Najib announced that he welcomed “greater involvement of the Chinese community in the Malaysian economy.” (Read here and here)

Hold it! Aren’t we talking about Malaysian citizens? Why are Malaysians being restricted in their own country and from participating in their own economy; contrary to universal values and what is provided for in the Constitution (Read here and here).

What ever is said and done (more said than actually done), Najib’s administration has been nothing but an absolute failure in moving Malaysia towards a functioning democracy (Read here and here).

His focus on the “New Economic Model” is nothing but a game of smoke and mirrors to distract domestic and international audience away from the fundamental failures of the Barisan Nasional government. It is obviously not working as foreign investors shy away while Malaysian capital is also taking flight (Read here, here and here)

Malaysians want their rights, not mercy or charity from the BN government (Read here).

Further interesting analysis:

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This is why the Malay Malaysian community in general do not like the Malaysian Chinese community in Malaysia. In race-based Malaysia (where politicians use race to gain mileage), the Malay community mistakes certain segments of the Chinese community (the cronies) for the broader, more law abiding Malaysian Chinese citizens.

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