A few weeks ago I featured the World Bank’s blog about the Nam Theun resettlement. A reader has sent me this email (originally addressed to the World Bank, I think) about the downstream impacts on the Xe Bang Fai (the river into which the water is discharged from the Nam Theun 2 dam). When I looked at this issue in detail a few years ago, it was clear that the impact assessment on the Xe Bang Fai had been late and modest. What is the situation now?

I would like to share the effect of NT2 to my mom and dad villages. The village is locating along Sebangphai river. Recently ” last 2 weeks” my cousins come to my house and describe what water color in the river is changed. Usually villager use to use water as shower and pools cleaning… now people can not use for either. Secondly, the river bank is destroying… water stream is very strong flowing, water level is not usual, color changed and no more fish can catch for consume… Villagers said that the NT2 has been setup cleaning pump in the village but is not suffcient for the villagers. How about the fishing, people believe that flooding will be in the rainny season. What about your clarification on this please advise. Thank, Ith