“Under the pretext of democracy and human rights, the Security Council has no right to meddle in the international affairs of a country, and in like manner, any big power has no right to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries by misusing the Security Council.

We strongly condemn not only the act of the US and Britain to jeopardize Myanmar’s independence and sovereignty, peace and stability of the State and national security and solidarity but also the member countries of the UNSC which voted for such a destructive act.

Myanmar is very grateful to the People’s Republic of China, Russian Federation and South Africa for opposing the draft resolution submitted by the US and Britain as well as to Congo, Indonesia and Qatar for their abstention from voting.

We strongly oppose the attempt of national traitors outside the country operating under the pretext of democracy movements to enable the Security Council and big powers to interfere in Myanmar’s internal affairs.

We hereby warn that similar act is not to be committed again by putting one’s self-interest or a party’s interest in the fore based on personality cult instead of serving the interest of the Myanmar people.”

Excerpted from: “Any big power has no right to interfere in others’ internal affairs by misusing UNSC”, The New Light of Myanmar, Monday, 15 January 2007. For more news and views straight from Southeast Asia’s most enduring military regime check out: http://www.myanmar.com/newspaper/nlm/