A New Malaysia? #2: Media with Boo Su-Lyn & Zurairi AR


In this podcast, Dr Ross Tapsell, Director of the ANU Malaysia Institute, speaks with Boo Su-Lyn and Zurairi Abdul Rahman about what has and hasn’t changed about the way the media reports politics and policy after Malaysia’s 14th general election.

This podcast was produced with the support of the Malaysia Institute and the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific.

About the guests

Boo Su-Lyn (Twitter: @boosulyn) is an assistant news editor and columnist at The Malay Mail. She is a co-founder of BEBAS, a movement that promotes equality, secularism and an end to racial and religious discrimination.

Zurairi Abdul Rahman (Twitter: @zurairi) is an assistant news editor and columnist at The Malay Mail. He previously wrote and researched at The Malaysian Insider. He was a co-founder of Unscientific Malaysia (2008–2011), a local online community which promotes science and scepticism.

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