Is New Mandala the best english-language blog about Thailand?

We’re not sure but…

…after a small technical glitch we are (for the moment) back at the top of The Lost Boy‘s Top 100 Thailand blogs. It calculates rankings by grinding together a number of measures of online success. It also encourages readers to influence the machine generated results by voting for their favourites. It’s all a bit of good fun, and is another reason to check out The Lost Boy — run by Phuket-based journalist, Matt Crook.

We will enjoy our Number 1 ranking while it lasts (which may not be long). We have no doubt that as the months and years tick by there will be many fresh challengers. There always are.

In the meantime, why not click over there and cast your vote on the best Thailand blogs. Like us, you might also find a great deal of new reading material. It is a wonderful compendium of what is out there on Thai topics. Good luck to this list and all the blogs who sail with her.