Nik Aziz

Karpal Singh passed away unexpectedly some time ago and now “Tok Guru” (respected teacher) Nik Aziz Nik Mat — a towering individual in the Malaysian political landscape — has also left Malaysians.

Farish Noor, a contributor to New Mandala, has poignant analysis on Tok Guru considering the implications for The Straits Times: Death of PAS bedrock Nik Aziz may have profound impact on party, nation.

Within Malaysia, The Malaysian Insider notes the passing of an iconic leader while The Malay Mail Online called him the conscience of the PAS.

Even Malaysia’s mainstream media had nice things to say, with The Star calling him Tok Guru to all.

I commend Farish Noor’s and the other articles to New Mandala readers and invite them to also reflect on what this passing means to Malaysia.