Last week The Nation reported:

The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (Egat) is ready to invest at least US$6 billion (Bt208 billion) in two nuclear power plants in line with the power development plan, which includes the generation of 4,000 megawatts of nuclear power.

Perhaps I have not been paying attention, but this important story seems to have passed without much comment. A rather alarmed New Mandala reader alerted me to the story a few days ago:

I find it surprising that the junta has unilaterally decided that Thailand should have nuclear power, and that nobody in either the local or international stages has raised any concerns. What’s the vocal Thai environmental movement up to? Can any undemocratic country start nuke plans and not raise any concerns from the international community, just as long as they’re not N. Korea or Iran? Should the junta be making a decision that future governments for the next few decades will have to followup on? Are nukes consistent with self-sufficiency? Where are they going to build it, and will residents near the plant have any say?

Well said.