Those concerned about dry-season water shortage in Thailand (and who isn’t?) may find some reassurance in these images. Leif Jonsson has captured two alternative visions of Mae Thorani who is famed for her hydrological abundance. The first picture is from a temple on Tha Phae Road in Chiang Mai (Leif cannot remember which one – can any New Mandala readers help?). The second is from a rural temple in Phayao Province. Looks like the good villagers of Phayao may be overdue for a visit from Culture Ministry watchdog , Ladda Tangsupachai, hopefully accompanied by some of her newly appointed spokeswomen.

[STOP PRESS UPDATE: Not Ladda but almost as good! Today’s Bangkok Post online reports that “Ex-premier Thaksin Shinawatra and his son Panthongtae flew to Chiang Rai on Thursday morning to make merit at a temple in Payao province.” Well, at least New Mandala readers know why!]