Citeh Citeh (which bills itself as “an underground Manchester City blog”) has some interesting commentary on the “unwelcome politics” that have come with former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s involvement at the club. According to a recent post:

Predictably, it hasn’t taken our new Chairman long to start playing politics with our football club. I grimaced when I read that City were giving trials to 3 young Thai players – Suree Sukha, Kiatprawut Saiwaew and Teerasil Dangda.

I have no issue with Thais representing City as long as they are good enough and have been selected on merit. It is not unreasonable to question whether this is the case with the Thai trio. Of the three, Suree appears the most promising having done well in the recent Asian cup tournament. That said, City have an extensive network of scouts and will have been well represented at the Asian Cup. Strange, then, that they didn’t recommend Suree to City. Why the other two are in Manchester is anyone’s guess.

As Thaksin becomes increasingly desperate as he attempts to maintain his fading political profile in Thailand, he will do anything, absolutely anything, in order to boost his flagging popularity back home. Crucially, note that there has been no comment on Suree or the other Thais by any of City’s management team or coaching staff.

To read more about related issues – and particularly about Thaksin’s new role as a football boss – do check out the coverage on Citeh Citeh. For information on this new episode in Thaksin’s life this blog has become a valuable resource.