At the last PAD press conference after the Udon clashes Chamlong Srimuang and Sondhi Limthongkul announced that the PAD would now have the right to take up arms to protect themselves as the police would collaborate with pro-government mobs.

This somewhat counters their Ghandi-esque claims, and comes closer to the reality that they are not that much different from their counterparts in their acceptance of violence, as these photos clearly show. Not just their ‘guards’ were armed, but also ordinary protesters, such as the children shown in the photos.
A further step into escalation has now been reached, with both sides now openly showing arms, and their willingness to use them.

The photos were taken on 29 July 2008, when a small group of unarmed Bangkok-based pro-government protesters passed by the PAD camp. No violence occurred. The police were present to prevent possible violence from either camp.