Picture 1: Sondhi Limthongkul on the front page of his newspaper, Manager (August 26, 2008). The headline screams, “Beat the enemy!” or “Win the battle!” The line above reads, “Beating the war drum to oust the government – PAD exuberant.” Below are his PAD lieutenants, amongst them Chamlong Srimuang (left), and Somkiat Phongpaiboon (second right), party list MP of the opposition Democrats.

Picture 2: On my way to the protest venue, I passed the Metropolitan Police Bureau. In a tent, some police officers were watching a replay of Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej’s address warning the PAD of dire consequences if they did not give up their attempt to topple him.

Picture 3: This is a border checkpoint to the PAD’s “Kingdom” on Rajadamnoen Avenue.

Picture 4: A poster showing the PAD’s main enemies was affixed to a wall at the National Counter Corruption Commission. The passport pictures are copied from the arrest warrants that the police have distributed nationwide.

Picture 5: An entrance gate to Government House. It was later closed because the PAD feared that police might come and try to dissolve their protest.

Picture 6: Pick-up trucks with loudspeakers were placed at intervals to broadcast the speeches of PAD leaders. The text reads, “The evil government must go – the nation is ruined already.”

Picture 7: In this self-made poster, Samak is called a “criminal who cheats the nation”.

Picture 8: Government House surrounded by followers of the PAD.

Picture 9: 2008

Picture 9a: 2006
Pictures 9 and 9a: Different coups — different means. September 20, 2006: August 26, 2008. The pictures show the same spot but taken from different directions.

Picture 10: The PAD coup as political picnic. In the background is the pressroom of Government House.

Picture 11: Inactive riot police guard the entrance to the main building of Government House.

Picture 12: Singing the national anthem at 6 pm. The people looked in the direction of the national flag on the main building. The anthem was followed by a thunderous “chaiyo, chaiyo, chaiyo!”