From The Nation on the occasion of the king’s birthday:

King Bhumibol Adulyadej last night expressed his support for Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont and pointed out that old age is an advantage over the young and inexperienced, which could be turned into great benefits for the country. Although the country has faced a year of political turmoil, His Majesty avoided talking about political issues – saying he was bored with them. … His Majesty praised the determination of Surayud to deliver initiatives for the country and believed the PM would accomplish his goals. Although His Majesty doubted if some of the government’s plans were on the right track, he believed the Surayud government would finally produce results as it had good intentions and the determination to back all of its plans. His Majesty said the people had now given all responsibility to the government, which apparently lacked energy because it comprised many “old men”. “But, actually, old age is strength,” he said. His Majesty also praised the Cabinet, which consists of mostly retired bureaucrats. He said old people could ensure the most benefits for the country as they have knowledge and experience, while the young might have no knowledge or not enough capability. “The older people are, the more benefit they will contribute to the country,” he said, and dismissed criticism that 29 Cabinet members were all old guard, who could not match young executives. Old people were superior to those of a younger age because they had more knowledge, experience and competence, he said, adding young people who looked down on older people were actually inferior and incompetent. “If the old men are well-behaved and moral, they will lead the country forwards,” His Majesty said. “If the country only has unqualified young people, the country will never grow.”