Since September 2007 we have had a much better system for keeping track of the most popular material on New Mandala. Many readers will probably find the following list of our most commonly viewed posts and pages fascinating. And it might give you a chance to catch up on what everyone else has been reading (and commenting on).

Starting with the most popular:

  1. The King Never Smiles?
  2. Thailand’s crown prince
  3. Interview with Paul Handley
  4. Royalist propaganda and policy nonsense
  5. Thai studies conference open forum
  6. NM Interviews
  7. Spot the Thai national dress
  8. The Nam Tha dam
  9. Latest Count
  10. Volunteering to fight in Burma
  11. Lewd dancing and Buddhist festivals
  12. Academic commentary on Burma uprising
  13. NM Bloggers
  14. Interview with Professor David Chandler
  15. The electorate and the “acute state of Thai politics”
  16. Samak’s disgrace
  17. Thai studies conference underway
  18. Reynolds on Handley’s The King Never Smiles
  19. Interview with Professor Michael Aung-Thwin
  20. Analysis