Last week I provided a list of New Mandala‘s twenty most popular posts and pages. Continuing on this theme, I have put together a consolidated account of the most common search terms that bring readers to the site. Comparing the two lists it is clear that a huge number of New Mandala readers, whether casual visitors or die-hard commentators, have an insatiable appetite for material on Thai politics and, particularly, the Thai royal family. This hardly comes as a shock.

That Thandar Shwe rates so highly is one of the few real surprises on this list. And if you want to know why р╕Др╕гр╕нр╕Ър╕Др╕гр╕▒р╕зр╕ер╕░р╣Ар╕лр╕╡р╣Ир╕вр╣Гр╕И is here – this is a good place to begin.

Starting with the most common search term, the list is:

  1. new mandala
  2. sufficiency economy
  3. globalisation
  4. burma blog
  5. thandar shwe
  6. tea
  7. king
  8. “new mandala”
  9. stanley weiss and ma thanegi
  10. samak sundaravej
  11. the king never smiles
  12. the king never smile
  13. thai prince and his wife
  14. р╕Др╕гр╕нр╕Ър╕Др╕гр╕▒р╕зр╕ер╕░р╣Ар╕лр╕╡р╣Ир╕вр╣Гр╕И
  15. election
  16. burma
  17. mandala
  18. newmandala
  19. thai dress
  20. paul handley