Bhutan’s Crown Prince Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck – the subject of a newly composed song titled “Precious Prince of Hearts” – has been awarded an honorary doctorate by Rangsit University. Back in August, I briefly discussed the ongoing cultural currency of this Bhutanese Crown Prince in the Thai scene. His iconic status is something that I still feel is worthy of much further reflection and analysis.

Today The Nation quotes the Crown Prince’s “acceptance speech“. Receiving a degree in “philosophy, politics and economics”, Jigme made all of the right noises. I have reproduced a few choice quotes to give New Mandala readers a feel for the Prince’s rhetoric:

It has been a great privilege to travel to Thailand for many years now. The more I talk to the people, the more I feel optimism. I’ve learned that you love your country, you have a sense of unity, a sense of common purpose and identity. These are rare qualities in today’s modern world.

He goes on to give a ringing endorsement of the Thai King:

Hard work, kindness, justice, dedication and sacrifice are qualities the youth of Thailand can learn from His Majesty. His Majesty has a special place in your heart. You must follow His Majesty’s principles in your work and in your mind. I believe if Thailand follows His Majesty’s footsteps it will always be successful and prosperous.

Interesting coverage of the Crown Prince’s recent visit to Thailand is available from Bangkok of the Mind and Thai Photo Blogs. Other blogs, from earlier in the year, will give you a feel for the wide respect in which Jigme is held: “Hot Guy Crown Prince Jigme“, “Most Popular Man in Thailand” and “Thailand in Love with Bhutan Crown Prince!