The Surayud regime now seems interested in supporting OTOP, but with some interesting new twists. Todays Nation reports:

Industry Minister Kosit Panpiemras has been inspired to revamp and rename the country’s one-tambon-one-product (OTOP) scheme. Kosit visited Japan and met the “hero” of its one-village-one-product movement. “I have learned new things,” Kosit said after hearing from Morihiko Hiramatsu. Hiramatsu is the former governor of Oita-Ken prefecture, where Kosit learned of new developments in Japan’s community enterprises. He now plans to revamp OTOP. The scheme was initiated by former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who visited Oita too and adopted its model.

The government will promote products in tandem, such as Thai traditional massages in spas built from Thai ceramics with Thai decorations,[Industry Ministry permanent secretary] Chakramon said.

Traditional Thai massage in a ceramic spa? Sounds a bit populist to me!