Nich’s posting about Rachel Leow‘s website has prompted me to survey cyberspace for prominent blogs on Malaysia. Currently, there is no established ranking of bloggers or top websites in Malaysia. However, some individuals have attempted to put together such a ranking (refer here, here and here).

From my perspective, there is no doubt that Raja Petra’s Malaysia Today is Malaysia’s most famous blog and the most influential website. Malaysia Today is considered the best source of information on Malaysia. He and his blog has had more controversies than any other. He has broken more scandals than any other individual or institution. His current controversies include the Statutory Declaration he made that Najib’s wife is directly involved in the muder of Altantunya, the Mongolian. He has also openly criticised the royalty, something which is considered seditious in Malaysia. However,so far, he seems untouchable as “surprisingly” he himself is royalty. However, he is currently “on the run” from the authorities and the royals who seem hell-bent on removing him as a threat. The site is a must read for any Malaysia lovers (or haters).

I also like another blog which demonstrates that Malaysians have a humanist side. Anushka Anastasia Solomon, a poet now residing in the US, is a frequent commentator on all things Malaysia. Her website is a wonderful collection of poems and article reflecting her views on humanity.

For more analytical pieces on Malaysia read Ong Kian Ming’s blog. He is a well known political scientist, who is now completing his PhD at Duke University. His blog is a good source of “neutral” discussion on issues affecting Malaysia such as education, investment, etc.