From the Thailand-Laos-Cambodia mailing list I learned of the Asian Human Rights Commission statement regarding legal action being taken against Fa Diew Kan and Prachatai. Among Thailand-related websites, these two are some of the few that often carry material that is also debated here on New Mandala. For that reason, among many others, it makes sense to offer our humble support as they face the challenges of running their websites over the coming weeks and months.

The AHRC statement notes that:

According to news reports, on April 28, the owners of two Thai websites, Fah Diew Kan and Prachatai were charged under Article 116(2) of the Thai Criminal Code in Khon Kaen province for publishing discussions on their website forums regarding Chotisak Oonsoong who refused to stand whilst the Royal Anthem was being played at a cinema. According to the reports, the complaint alleges that most of the comments on the websites supported Chotisak’s act and showed a desire to abolish the monarchy.

Any readers with more information on the current status of the action against the websites, or just keen to continue previous discussions of Chotisak and his predicament, can feel free to weigh in here.

Update 15 May 2008: Bangkok Pundit reports that both the Fa Deow Gan and the Prachatai websites are blocked in some parts of Thailand. The Pundit’s discussion is available here. Apparently the error message received by some readers of Prachatai looked like this. Are these websites that dangerous? Readers with more information can, of course, post it on NM.