As the days tick by, I have been wondering…do any New Mandala readers know if or when the new Rambo film will be released in Thailand? Over at Wise Kwai’s Thai Film Journal there is an excellent discussion of the film’s current status in the kingdom. It was released elsewhere in the world on 25 January 2008. Like Wise Kwai, I am yet to hear word of a screening in Bangkok.

Any theories?

Long-time readers may recall that back in November 2006 the director of the Thailand Film Office, Wanasiri Morakul, said, in relation to the new Rambo film:

Some scenes might be a little bit violent, so we asked them not to make it too violent because if we say that the ethnic minorities are violent, it might be inappropriate.

Is this the only problem? Will Bangkok-based fans of Rambo’s special recipe of blood and guts get a taste of his latest offering in the coming weeks? Or will this film not see any major Thai release? Any and all tips are gratefully received.