Nearly all articles and commentaries in the Thai media at this moment are overly and overtly considerate of the yellow and the royalists’ cause…Conservatives are ubiquitous; they are trusted by newspaper reporters and respected by television producers. The radio airwaves featuring anti-establishment causes have either been brought down or screened out.

The author personally does not see a route of the type to facilitate a reconciliation as mentioned. In all honesty, what is most likely to happen is a continued stomping down of the liberal voice, the censoring of the anti-Democrat voice, and an ostracising process of any persons or entities potentially linked to the imagined republican cause.

For the sake of the conservative establishment’s own survival, the author here truly hopes that he is wrong.

– Extracted from M.L. Nattakorn Devakula, “Resentment of reds and the challenge of reconciliation”, Bangkok Post, 21 April 2009.