[UPDATED 5 July 2011. The map above is has been changed and is now based on the final count. Five or six constituencies changed hands in the final counting.]

This is the result soon after midnight, with 95% of the vote counted. Around 5 seats are very close and could change on the final count.

As in every poll since 2001, the voting has a strong regional pattern.

In the upper north and most of the northeast, Pheu Thai not only swept all the seats but won huge majorities. Pheu Thai also did well on the outskirts of the capital. This is the same as in 2007. They did better than 2007 in the central region.

The Democrats won the south, western hills, and eastern seaboard (except Chonburi where the Khunpleum family has formed a private party), again mostly with huge majorities. They again won the city centre, gaining more seats than in 2007, but often with very narrow majorities. They did better than 2007 in the Malay-Muslim far south.

The other parties in total won about the same proportion of total seats as in 2007. Banharn’s party has been halved in size.