The Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA (Movement to Abolish the Internal Securities Act) UK chapter has a great campaign during this season of Advent to remind Malaysians of those detained under this draconian act.

Dear friends,

Each year ordinary citizens in Malaysia have a loved one dissapear as a result of arbitrary, indefinite detention without trial under Malaysia’s Internal Security Act. Since 1960, over 10,000 families have been devastated in this way. Detainees are often abused, tortured and subjected to extreme psychological pressure. The Abolish ISA Movement (Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA) is committed to standing in solidarity with all victims of the ISA and campaigning for an end to indefinite detention without trial. Lets make the 50th anniversary of the ISA its final one. (Read here)

Click on this link or the image below to view our animated Christmas wish.

In Solidarity,

Gerakan Mansuhkan ISA-UK