Researching in Indonesia without fieldwork in the age of COVID

This event was hosted by the ANU Indonesia Institute. It was designed for all researchers, but especially postgraduate students who are struggling with designing and implementing research options in Indonesia whilst travel to the country is limited (for researchers from beyond Indonesia) and conducting face-to-face interactions is greatly restricted (for researchers in Indonesia).

How are researchers adapting to these challenges?

What substitute methods are they using?

How effective are online interviews, social media research and similar alternatives?

What are the ethical implications of moving research online or trying to work with research assistants?

Can ethnographic and qualitative research survive in an era of COVID-19?

A panel of speakers from the ANU and beyond, including both senior researchers and PhD students, address these and similar issues.

SPEAKERS – Dr. Amalinda Savirani, Universitas Gadjah Mada – Assoc. Prof. John McCarthy, ANU – Ms Lila Sari, ANU – Dr Eva Nisa ANU

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