The full transcript of Richard Lloyd Parry’s interview with former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra is available here. It makes for explosive reading. There is so much in the interview that will be of interest to the average New Mandala reader that all I can do is suggest that you digest it in full. Thaksin talks about an unprecedented range of taboo topics, and isn’t shy about expressing some pretty clear opinions. The long stream of comments that follow the interview (many from Thais) are also worth browsing.

Outrage has followed Thaksin’s intervention, and critical jabs are coming thick-and-fast. In one of the most predictable moves from what is now a well-worn play-book, the Thai government has announced a “ban” on the interview. But a translation of the most controversial parts is, of course, already available here. I’m sure the good folk at Liberal Thai will do a Thai-language version of the full interview before too long.

Finally, in a bizarre move, Thaksin has released a statement taking issue with some of the comments attributed to him. His “condemnation” of the “distortions” by The Times is what everybody is talking about today. Big story.