This upcoming event at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) has been brought to my attention. If any New Mandala readers attend and would like to provide a report of the discussion please get in contact.

Roundtable Discussion on Recent Events in Myanmar (Burma)

Friday, September 28, 2007, 4:00-5:00 pm

1636 SSWB/International Institute, 1080 S. University, University of Michigan (Ann Arbor)

The University of Michigan Center for Southeast Asian Studies presents a public discussion on the evolving political situation in Myanmar (Burma) in which large public demonstrations by Buddhist monks joined by lay Burmese have clashed with Burmese military and paramilitary groups. Soldiers have also arrested monks, including senior monks, pulling them from their monasteries at night, an unprecedented move on the part of the Burmese military.

Subjects for discussion will include the legacies of student uprisings in 1988, the role of the Burmese military, the business connections between China and Myanmar, and the news from Burmese sources in the past few days.

Moderators: Linda Lim, Professor of Strategy and Director, Center for Southeast Asian Studies; Allen Hicken, Assistant Professor of Political Science

For more information, please contact Charley Sullivan (by e-mail), Program Coordinator, Center for Southeast Asian Studies.