When Paul Handley published The King Never Smiles one of the more common jabs at his work came from those who dismissed it as being based on “rumours”. Handley countered by arguing that “[t]he palace lives on gossip and rumor, at least that which benefits it”.

If comments here and in this post by Bangkok Pundit have any weight behind them then it looks like a new spate of rumours are doing the rounds.

There is still nothing, at least to my eye, that is particularly concrete. Is it only a matter of time? I’m sure the Pundit will update us when more is learned. At this stage all that is being given away is that the “clue is June 15”.

Readers looking to see how a previous episode of Bangkok rumour turned out will appreciate this New Mandala material from 2007. I might add that it is one of the most clicked-on posts in the almost 3-year history of this website.