Here is a summary from Channel 9/Manager Online:

Samak Sunthornvej, the leader of the PPP party has claimed victory saying that the election result revealed the victory of all Thai people. Samak who appeared to be confident in the victory of his party insisted that he is ready to take the helm. He said that he will give an interview about the plan to form the new government after the formal election result is announced which might take another five hours.

‘We earned around 229-230 MP seats, 10 seats short of half of the seats available in the parliament. In principle, the party who gets the majority vote has legitimacy to form the government. We invite all small and medium parties to join us,’ said Samak.

‘I would like to thank the members of the National Election Commission who carried on the election despite unfulfilled attempts to delay this election. The observers may realise that this commission is truly concerned about the benefits for all Thai people.’

‘The coup was undertaken without legitimacy. The election result proves who did the right thing.’

Samak also hinted that ex-PM Thaksin Shinawatra will come back to fight against the lawsuit reasoning that the owner of Manchester City football club has always wished to come back provided that the interim government is ousted.

When asked about the dissapointing result of the PPP party’s candidates in Bangkok, Samak questioned the pre-election voting process. ‘The confusing pre-election voting process might affect the votes that we acquired,’ said the veteran Samak.