Not the Nation’s call for Samak to resign as Thai PM is spot on. Here is an extract:

Samak is nothing more than a nominee of the man in Hong Kong. He is not his own man. He’s a puppet. Can we afford to have puppets at the helm? Do we really want people lurking behind the scenes pulling the strings all the time? Do we really want people ruling the country that are not accountable to the public at all and that can’t be criticized by the media? That can poke and prod at our fragile democracy until it results in a coup? …

Do we want a ruthless murderer and suspected terrorist suicide bomber like Samak at the helm, or a devilishly handsome British-educated democracy advocate leading the country?

Now it’s up to the Thai people to decide.

Wait, you already did decide. And you chose the anti-democracy democratically elected leader! You idiots. We can’t believe you people actually like Samak?!? Who are you people? We at NTN certainly don’t know anyone who voted for PPP. We’re not even sure these people exist.