From The Nation:

As far as the media were concerned, Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej and Foreign Minister Noppadon Pattama were “defeated” in first day of the censure debate in the House of Representatives. Headlines in almost all local newspapers backed the opposition Democrat Party saying Samak and Noppadon had lost the battle. The Democrat Party, like butchers, had chopped up the nominee government in Parliament, they said. … Many newspapers devoted the majority of their space in yesterday’s editions to the speeches and information provided by the speakers from the opposition. It is widely know that Samak’s government has no ability to communicate with the public, nor any ability to shape public opinion. Both Samak and his foreign minister Noppadon were seen in a negative light because of their connection to former Prime Minister Thaksin. The public realised long ago they were doing everything to favour Thaksin. … Prime Minister Samak himself is a media unfriendly figure. He never offers sweet words.

The electorate, it seems, is well informed about the faults of Samak and his government. There is vigorous debate in parliament and enthusiastic media coverage.

So why not let the electorate decide?