“The traitor is slated to be banished to live foever in the jungle because there is no place in society for a deceitful politician…Civil servants should know they are dispensing duties on His Majesty’s behalf, so they are not supposed to allow themselves to become henchmen for rogue politicians…The [Council for National Security] had to step in to usher political reforms because of widespread power abuses…The irregularities plaguing the construction of Suvarnabhumi Airport showed how corrupt politicians rigged the state coffers and spread the money around to boost their power…If rogue politicians return to power following the next general election, the three pillars of society – the nation, the religion and the monarchy – might crumble due to more attacks…”

– Council for National Security Assistant Secretary-General Saprang Kalayanamitr as quoted in The Nation, 7 February 2007. Thanks should go to Patiwat for his helpful wikipedia entry on General Saprang.