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1. Introduction: Challenging the Standard Total View of the Thai Monarchy (S├╕ren Ivarsson and Lotte Isager)

I: Sacral Kingship in a Modern World: Cultural and Ideological Foundations

2. Virtual Divinity: A 21st Century Discourse of Thai Royal Influence (Peter A. Jackson)

3. Entertainment Nationalism: The Royal Gaze and the Gaze at the Royals (Sarun Krittikarn)

4. Culture of Monarchy: A Repertory Theatre through Time (Martin Platt)

II: The Legal Sanction of Sacredness

5. The Intricacies of Lese-Majesty: A Comparative Study of Imperial Germany and Modern Thailand (David Streckfuss)

III: Thai-Style Democracy

6. The Monarchy and the Royalist Movement in Modern Thai Politics, 1932–1957 (Nattapoll Chaiching)

7. ‘Thai-Style Democracy’: The Royalist Struggle for Thailand’s Politics (Kevin Hewison and Kengkij Kitirianglarp)

8. Post-Coup Royalist Groups: Re-inventing Military and Ideological Power (Han Krittian)

IV: Sufficiency Economy

9. Strengthening the Moral Fibre of the Nation: The King’s Sufficiency Economy as Etho-politics (Lotte Isager and S├╕ren Ivarsson)

10. Royal Sufficiency and Elite Misrepresentation of Rural Livelihoods (Andrew Walker)