On Saturday, 10 April 2010, Thai state security forces began a crackdown against red-shirted protestors throughout Bangkok. Reports from news agencies and observers indicated that there were large mobilizations of security forces throughout the city and water cannons, tear gas, rubber bullets, live ammunition, and other forms of violence were being used against protestors. As of 11.30, 11 April 2010, Bangkok Emergency Medical Service (Erawan Center) reported 20 deaths of 16 civilians and 4 soldiers and as of 9,30 a.m., 834 injuries.

Concerned with the use of force by Thai state security forces, a group of scholars and observers of Thai politics wrote and circulated a petition on the evening of 10 April. The petition, appended to this press release, calls for an immediate end to the State’s use of force, noting that “it has become clear that while a resolution may be difficult to broker, the use of force will only prolong the crisis and lead to devastating injury and loss of life.” The petition calls on Thailand’s leaders to immediately end its repressive measures and return to negotiations.

Full text of press release and letter here.