A reader has sent the following observations and images:

These pictures were 21 April around 6-7pm. As I crossed from the Government controlled Silom Road to Red Controlled Ratchadamri, I noticed a large difference between the two crowds. The yellow side proceeded to symbolically burn some red clothing quite close to the intersection. This created a cloud of smoke and a sort of frenzy as people ran towards the burning red shirt while shouting loudly. Pro-Government supporters were going wild shouting obscenities at the reds. It was quite the scene. The authorities kept clear of the “no colour” activities. The fact that they were staging a gathering of more than five right in the middle of hundreds of police officers didn’t seem to matter at all. I then walked over to the red side where they were continuously constructing their encampment out of tires and sharpened bamboo. I crossed through to a much quieter environment where a gentleman with a huge smile presented my friend with a red clapper. She was visiting for the first time and loved it. The environment on the red side was actually quite relaxed compared to the activities taking place accross the street but passion is still high and numbers are still strong.