In a move bound to reassure nervous tourists, the Thai government has set up an insurance scheme “specifically for foreigners visiting the Kingdom who are affected by losses or harms or unable to leave the Kingdom in event of riots.” The cover is generous:

  • Loss of life, limbs or permanent disabilities: not more than US$ 10,000 per person;
  • Hospital expenses: a maximum period of 10 days, in the amount of US$ 1,000 per person and not exceeding US 10,000 per person;
  • Loss or damage due to travel limitation: US$100 per person per day but not exceeding the total of US$ 10,000 per person.

As always with insurance policies you should read the fine print carefully and, having done so, I have uncovered another bonus item of cover:

  • Lese majeste conviction: free board and lodging for 15 years.

The scheme runs until 31 March 2011 at 16.30 hrs. So book early.