This open letter about the political crisis in Thailand has been signed by 37 students and academics at the Australian National University. Here is an extract:

In order to prevent further confrontation and greater loss in the future, the Group of Students and Scholars, the Australian National University, call for the following:

1. For the government to reduce the level of measures which have created the conditions which have led to violence, and to cease using forceful measures, especially the use of inappropriate weapons against protestors, which only increases the risk of further violent escalation. The government should observe the principles of crowd control in accordance with universal standards.

2. For the leaders of the UDD to realise that although protesting is right given in the Constitution, at the same time, they must respect the laws and the rights and freedom of other people. They should avoid proceeding to attain their goals without taking into consideration that their actions may lead to violence, in particular, they must not support the use of weapons. The adherence of peaceful protest as announced by the UDD leaders will lead to righteous demands and will more effectively convince every part of Thai society.