More than two months ago I wrote:

In some quarters the king is regarded as a key defender of Thai democracy. Which makes me wonder …Has there been a royal statement urging the protesters from the People’s Alliance for (Sufficiency) Democracy to respect the fact that there was an election held last December and that this government is the result? And any royal statement urging them, in the interests of national unity (which is a common royal rallying cry), to take their concerns to the ballot box at the next election?

One sentence and the royal legitimacy of the PA(S)D protests would evaporate.

Still no word of reason (or moderation) from the king directed at those who campaign so vigorously in his name. With Thailand’s political standoff taking the country to the brink on the Cambodian border and now in the streets of Bangkok … not a word. Just another lecture in fiscal prudence from the $35-billion-dollar monarch.