Found in my in-box:

Under the theme “Proud Chiang Mai, Proud La Na”, Chiang Mai Governor Wibul Sanguanpong proudly invited consulates’ members for a party to meet and weave a good relation at the newly established “Aquarium” at Chiang Mai Zoo on 31 July 2009 in the evening. … Being the brainchild of Mr. Roch Thuvanalin, President of MarineScape (Thailand), the new aquarium is a living museum that boasts Southeast Asia’s longest and most spacious underwater pathways with crystal clear “sea tube” tunnels that place the visitors directly in the centre of huge 360 degrees aquatic habitats. … Mr. Apinun Suwannaraksha, Curator of the Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium, is proud that the aquarium altogether offers over 20,000 examples of fresh and saltwater life forms as well as more than 250 various species. Also, 80% of these various species are native to Thailand. Actually, the total project area covers four acres and the aquarium itself can be reached via a narrow bridge spanned over an outdoor water tank. The attending consulates’ members first feasted on food and beverages from Chiang Mai’s finest hotels … and were later entertained at the reception area inside the aquarium with an underwater panda and mermaid performance. Finally, the party ended with a classical Lan Na cultural dance show and all the guests were assured that the “underwater world” of the Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium makes the tourist destination of Chiang Mai even more perfect than before.

If any New Mandala readers actually saw the underwater panda and mermaid show then please, please, give us the details!