The International Crisis Group has issued a strongly-worded policy brief on the situation in Thailand. Here is their six point plan which, they suggest, would enable Thailand to “step back from the brink of further political chaos.”

ЇАВЙ All parties should commit to resolving their differences through peaceful and democratic means.

ЇАВЙ Senior establishment and army figures should cease sending mixed signals and make clear their support for Thailand’s elected government and the rule of law.

ЇАВЙ The PAD should respect the rule of law and cease its illegal occupation of Government House, and the nine PAD leaders for whom arrest warrants have been issued should surrender.

ЇАВЙ Army leaders should negotiate with the PAD to end the occupation and remove the protesters, emphasising that the PAD’s legitimacy is undermined by its failure to respect the rule of law. The negotiations should be backed by graduated steps by the police – short of force – to end the occupation. If those techniques are exhausted but protesters remain and the negotiations stall, the police should make plans to evict them, if they are sure it can be achieved without bloodshed.

ЇАВЙ A consultative and inclusive process should be instituted to amend the military-imposed constitution with the aim of finding a balance between giving the executive sufficient power to govern and ensuring effective checks and balances.

ЇАВЙ The international community – including Thailand’s ASEAN partners – should make clear to all parts of the Thai elite that another coup would meet with international condemnation, and that it would not continue to do business as usual with a government which came to power in such circumstances. ASEAN countries should emphasise the discredit which such a development would bring on the association at a time when Thailand holds the ASEAN chair.

It’s nice to those “senior establishment figures” getting a mention. As we have argued on New Mandala, one senior establishment figure in particular has made no attempt to withdraw his prominent brand endorsement from those who seek to overrule the electoral process.