James Giggacher scours the Internet to bring you some of the more interesting news and views on Thailand’s interregnum. In this ‘Succession snapshot’ he goes completely dark. 

With King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s passing on 13 October, Thais were quick to swap yellow and pink – colours associated with the monarchy and the King’s good health – for black.

The country’s ruling military junta issued a directive spelling out the country’s new dress code (see this helpful infographic), which even mannequins were quick to obey.

In scenes possibly better suited to Catch 22, websites, so used to the threat of blackout, voluntary went black. As someone else has pointed out, there’s a hack for that.

The wardrobe revamp is reported to have left many Thais scrambling to find clothing in the prescribed colour, with some dying their own. Others have been publically ‘shamed’ by fellow citizens for not wearing mourning attire, or in one case, not wearing enough! The former drew rebuke from the junta, while the latter probably just raised their eyebrows.

There have been reports that the short supply has led to skyrocketing prices. Meanwhile on New Mandala there has already been a long thread of debate about whether poorer Thais can or can’t afford the darker hue. If we are not blocked, observations from Thais in Thailand are most welcome.

Even those who operate under more risqué shades are getting on board. This Monday, red light districts switched the lights back on, with sex workers donning black underwear and maids’ outfits out of respect for their late monarch.

But Thailand’s best dressed is clearly this enterprising and quick-witted young man.

Talk about dressing for the occasion!

James Giggacher is editor of New Mandala.