While Thailand will have no popular elections for the foreseeable future, the Surayud regime’s public relations campaign for all things “sufficiency economy” has now gone to the polls – to an ABAC poll!

MCOT news has announced (my emphasis added) that:

Over 88 per cent of the respondents said in a recent poll that they were enjoying life after adopting the sufficiency-economy principle initiated by His Majesty the King. However, over half of the 4,215 people interviewed — 53.5 per cent — did not follow His Majesty the King’s philosophy strictly, and presumably, were not having a happy life as a consequence. The poll, conducted by Assumption University’s ABAC poll between January 3-13 in 21 provinces nationwide, found that just slightly more than half of the respondents did not follow the principle strictly and were not living happily. Many of the respondents also said Thailand has been encountering a number of problems in recent time and, therefore, it was necessary for the people to protect themselves by leading life through the sufficiency-economy philosophy.