“A series of seminars on His Majesty the King-initiated Sufficiency Economy Theory is going to take place this month, as the Supreme Command Headquarters (SCH) embarks on a mission to create the right understanding about this concept.The Council for National Security (CNS) has tasked SCH with the mission.

“We have worked on the promotion of the Sufficiency Economy Theory for all along,” Supreme Commander General Boonsang Niampradit said Monday.

He said the National Defence College of Thailand’s Applied Psychology Institute was already scheduled to organise the seminar on the theory this Friday.

“Now that CNS has assigned this mission to us, we will hold two more seminars next week,” Boonsang said.

For next week, he said the first seminar would be open to people in relevant positions such as provincial governors and agriculture officials.

He said the second seminar would be for foreigners living in Thailand.

“They can ask questions so that they can have clear understanding of the Sufficiency Economy Theory,” he said. He said it had yet to be determined which foreigners would be invited to attend the seminar.”

This article was recently posted on The Nation‘s website.

Of course, if any New Mandala readers score an invitation to either seminar, Andrew and I would love to hear from you. A New Mandala post devoted to the substance of these seminars would be greatly educational.