Concerned over forest fires in northern Thailand, His Majesty the King has granted permission for the use of a royal rainmaking plane to reduce the haze of harmful smoke particles from bushfires…Since the plane has the capacity to fly at more than 20,000 feet, it is able to employ the “Super Sandwich” technique of attacking the rain clouds. Discovered by His Majesty the King in 1999, this technique is the bombardment step of the royal rain operation that combines the techniques of warm clouds and cool clouds simultaneously to increase the amount and extent of rainfall. Recognized as the Father of Royal Rainmaking, His Majesty the King devoted a great deal of time and energy to studying and developing new techniques of artificial rainmaking, which could be applicable to the varying conditions in different regions of the country.

– “A Royal Rainmaking Plane Sent to Reduce Smoke Haze from Bushfires in the North, Thai Government Public Relations Department, 9 March 2009. Previous New Mandala coverage of royal rain-making is available here and here.