Perhaps, the current state of apathy – the total lack of critical coverage of the real issues that have plunged the country into the political abyss – has stemmed from the conviction in certain quarters that national reconciliation can be achieved only through glossing over embarrassing facts.

– Extracted from Suthichai Yoon, “When ‘neutrality’ means that fact and fiction get mixed up”, The Nation, 21 May 2009.

Surely if there is a lack of “critical coverage of the real issues” Suthichai and the other heavy-weights in his publishing group should take some responsibility for that state of affairs? So will we hear more of these “embarrassing facts”? Will he and his colleagues step up to meet the challenge that he has now set out?

I would be genuinely delighted to hear which, say, three or four “real issues” Suthichai feels are worthy of a “real investigative report”? Perhaps New Mandala readers can offer their own suggestions on where the energies of Thailand’s investigative journalists should be devoted.

Thanks to Nick for drawing my attention to this article.