Thailand has been big news in recent weeks. With all the attention on Abhisit, Thaksin, Sondhi and all the rest it is all too easy to forget that Suwicha Thakor (р╕кр╕╕р╕зр╕┤р╕Кр╕▓ р╕Чр╣Ир╕▓р╕Др╣Йр╕н) remains locked up for lese majeste. Political Prisoners in Thailand continues to update its file on his tragic case. He was, you may recall, sentenced to 10 years for his Internet thought crime. As I wrote earlier in the month:

Experience suggests that dogged media attention embarrasses the palace and the Thai political elite. It will be hard, no doubt, to keep foreign media outlets interested in Suwicha’s case but that is what he needs.

There are now the inevitable efforts to ensure that Suwicha is quietly forgotten. I don’t think that should be allowed to happen. His story would be of great interest to the many millions who have recently seen Thailand on their television screens and who are wondering where the deeper faultlines actually lie.